Pre-order Book Three now!

Book Three of The World Walker series – The Seventeenth Year – is now available for pre order. UK readers click here USA readers click here This started life as one huge book and only made sense when it was separated into two stories. Which means book four—I hope—won’t be too far behind. I keep starting […]

Book Two Published Today!

The Unmaking Engine The Unmaking Engine The Unmaking Engine, Book Two of The World Walker series, is published on Amazon today for your Kindles and Kindle apps.  Aliens, nanotechnology, monkeys, superhuman powers, the multiverse, a threat to all humanity – it’s all here. Enjoy! The print version will be along shortly. If you […]

Nearly there…the sequel to The World Walker

78,000 words in, the last chapters are all outlined and I know how it ends. I even have a title: The Unmaking Engine. Most days now, I can be found in the study/dining room/music room. One day, I might have a room just for writing. Hey, I can dream. Macbook fired up, Scrivener open, a […]