The truth about writing.

My wife says I should blog more, particularly about writing. She pointed out that I’m just approaching the end of my first year as an author and folk might be interested to know a) how this change of career came about, b) how I went from writing no books at all to writing three in […]

The Seventeenth Year is published today!

It’s been an amazing eleven months since I closed my eyes, whispered some ancient Summerian magic words (well, I assume they were magic, they might have meant, “just the one sausage for me, I’m watching my weight”) and hit the publish button on Amazon. Now I’m writing nearly full-time and am able to continue The World […]

Pre-order Book Three now!

Book Three of The World Walker series – The Seventeenth Year – is now available for pre order. UK readers click here USA readers click here This started life as one huge book and only made sense when it was separated into two stories. Which means book four—I hope—won’t be too far behind. I keep starting […]

Book Two Published Today!

The Unmaking Engine The Unmaking Engine The Unmaking Engine, Book Two of The World Walker series, is published on Amazon today for your Kindles and Kindle apps.  Aliens, nanotechnology, monkeys, superhuman powers, the multiverse, a threat to all humanity – it’s all here. Enjoy! The print version will be along shortly. If you […]