Audiobook and paperback of The Unnamed Way now available :)

UK The Unnamed Way

USA The Unnamed Way

Those of you who prefer to listen (or mix reading and listening). and those of you who want a copy you can swat flies with (it’s a design limitation with the Kindle – it just doesn’t have the heft) can now buy The Unnamed Way in your preferred format.



3 thoughts on “Audiobook and paperback of The Unnamed Way now available :)

  1. Hey ian, just finished unamed way, i think thsts how you spell it… never mind. Can i just say what a fanyastic book you’ve written. The quality is 10/10. And you churn these nooks out like a god. I also love the way you handled contemplation religiin etc… in a sort of brusque realistic beautiful manner that really hit the mark.
    Great job ian, ur books are always a pleasure. Have a great day, FD


  2. Hi Felix – many thanks for the comment, and I actually think the typing error added a certain charm. I love the idea of churning out nooks like a god! I am also going to steal your words, as you nailed what I was aiming for in my handling of contemplation – I think ‘mysticism’ is an awful word that can easily obscure a very plain, common sense approach to apprehending reality. All the best, Ian.


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