The Unnamed Way – book four of The World Walker series, now available for pre-order (publication date 27th July)

It’s been an incredibly intense few months, but after being carefully marinated in a dark room for sixty days, then baked in a pre-heated oven at 180º for a week before being buried by a crossroads at midnight, The Unnamed Way is finally here. Pre-order your copy from Amazon using the links below! Paperback (soon) and audiobook (later) to follow…

The Unnamed Way (USA)     The Unnamed Way (UK)



9 thoughts on “The Unnamed Way – book four of The World Walker series, now available for pre-order (publication date 27th July)

  1. Ian,

    Congratulations on writing such wonderful books, I’ve enjoyed reading them very much. Regarding book 4, possibly 5… Since there is no immediate plan for a 5th book, is it safe to assume book 4 closes this part of the story?

    Another question

    Spoiler Alert
    !!!!!!! If you have not read book 3 do not read below!!!


    Trying to be obscure in case anyone ignores spoiler warning.

    Reset points, after poetry camp and before Adam.. doesn’t the setting frequent points limit options making it a bad habit. Example: You have option A,B,C before but resetting limits to option C, wouldn’t less frequent be more powerful?

    Love the characters and their stories!



    1. Hi Bill, thanks for the comments. Yes, the Unnamed Way will close this part of the story.

      !!!!!Spoiler Alert in answer to the possible spoiler question, although I think your obscure way of asking is sufficiently opaque!!!!

      Yes – definitely better to reset less often, but Joni was learning as she went. More frequent is less powerful but more flexible.


  2. It’s a bit funny, with all the questions- metaphysical, mythical, science… religion, that question was the rock in my shoe.

    We are strange beings.

    Thanks for the response.


  3. Hi – just read World Walker Book 1 (so I’ve got a bit of catching up to do to reach book 4). Very excited – block booking my calendar!


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