The Seventeenth Year is published today!

It’s been an amazing eleven months since I closed my eyes, whispered some ancient Summerian magic words (well, I assume they were magic, they might have meant, “just the one sausage for me, I’m watching my weight”) and hit the publish button on Amazon. Now I’m writing nearly full-time and am able to continue The World Walker series with The Seventeenth Year. It’s my favourite so far, but you’re the readers—I’ll soon know what you think. Gulp. Book four is underway, and my head is spinning with possibilities. Audible has just bought the rights to books three and four. No pressure, considering I’ve only written about 15% of book four…!

UK readers click here: The Seventeenth Year (UK)

US readers click here: The Seventeenth Year (USA)


12 thoughts on “The Seventeenth Year is published today!

  1. I love the books. I am on Book II now from I take longer trips just so I can listen. Question – Do you know when Book III will be ready on


  2. I loved reading Joni’s story – it was great to get a viewpoint other than Seb’s of this new universe. But I can’t wait to read what Seb’s been up to in the multiverse, and find out how the world adjusts to resolve the Manna War.


    1. Hi Catherine, glad you enjoyed reading about Joni. Originally, books three and four were planned as one long book, but her story was too interesting to relegate to a subplot. Seb returns with a bang in book four. 🙂 Ian


  3. I picked up World Walker a couple weeks ago, then read the sequel, and I’ll probably finish the 3rd tonight.
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them. Thank you (I don’t think authors get thanked enough)
    I’m glad you’ve decided to give writing a go.


  4. Hi Ian. My best mate recommended book one to me last weekend, and I had to read it as I’d actually written half a book myself, way back in 2009, with the same title. I think it was for some random Waterstones competition. Thank God you finished yours and published! Eminently better than mine would have been. Lol. Really enjoying them. Have just finished book 2 and about to dive into book 3.
    Always great to hear about people actually taking the step out there to follow their passion. Loving what you’ve done so far, and let’s face it the multiverse is a reasonably large place to play in so here to the future adventure. (Just please promise that you’ll leave this particular playing field when you get bored …having just slogged my way through books 5-8 of a well known fantasy series that it became very obvious that the author had given up on after book 5 … was very frustrating. I gave books 9-11 a miss) .


    1. Hi Becki, thanks for the comments and the support! Funnily enough, I discovered another World Walker book after I’d published mine. It’s a fantasy trilogy, but very different, luckily. the three of us obviously share good taste in titles. TWW books two and three’s titles are currently unique, and I guarantee that if I stick to my working title for book four, it will never be accidentally copied…You’ll be relieved to hear that the next book will close the series. I hear what you’re saying about multi-book series that run out of steam. Now that writing is my living, I have to be honest and admit I understand the temptation to keep adding to a successful series, but I have so many ideas for other books that I’m looking forward to having a blank sheet again. Book four tackles some hefty ideas and brings together some of the themes and threads from the other books. I may return to the multiverse of TWW at some stage (there’s certainly a Sym novel in me, I think), but I want to get my teeth into something new and I hope my readers come with me. Do you still write? I feel quite evangelical about encouraging would-be novelists, because it took me so long to finally go for it. My latest blog tells the story, but I’m too technically challenged to know how to link to it here. Hang on. Ooh, look, I’m not as daft as I thought.

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  5. Just finished Seventeenth year. Nice to hear about your shift to being a writer . The books were great. For your Sym idea, another author Sara King did what you are thinking of, a spin off book. She wrote the Zero series, btw another good series. Anyhow, her spin off books she did two, were great, and really complimented the story. Kind of along the line Tolkien took with The adventures of Tom Bombadil. Add me to your beta readers if you like, I have a critical eye and memory and happy to challenge you rather than be a yes man. Best of luck and health to you.


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